Waseem Mirza at Martin Roberts Making Money From Property Workshop and Tigrent Seminar Event

Hey I thought I’d do something different on my blog and give you an update of what I’ve been up to personally and more about my life and vision for making money online. Whether if your currently a business partner of mine and making money online with me, a friend, or just started to follow me or been reading my content for a while, you may or may not know – I have another passion which is investing in Real Estate, or property as us peeps in the UK SIMPLY put it!…

So I recently to support my goal in property investing (like I strive to continue to also do for my knowledge about making money online and marketing), I also attended a 3 day event seminar / workshop where we learned more about creative and successful ways to make money from property.  The event was ran by ‘Tigrent Learning ‘ – which if your in the UK  or abroad,  you may already have heard about them as they are one of the very few that run Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Events / Workshops too regarding Real Estate and more.

Anyway here is a pic  of me with Martin Roberts  whom was one of the few very successful property investors I was learning from on the day. (You can google his name “Martin Roberts Make Money From Property / Auctions)

It was a lot of fun, informative and helpful to learn from mentors like Martin Roberts and others that are clearly successful in a field where I too aim to prosper in one day like with my success online.  That is obviously where a mentor like I’ve always raved on about with my internet business teachings, can fast track your success, because they teach you exactly what, how and where to do what your looking to achieve rather than wasting time on strategies that don’t work. (same principles apply to making money online)

Anyway the reason am sharing this with you is to tell you a lil more about me and my ambition in growing and becoming more successful in property / real estate investing.

so to start with,  one of the reasons I love making money online is because it can be the fastest, easiest and least stressful ways to make A LOT OF money FAST! -VERY FAST! (where you can have a project created in one day and be making money by the evening) Which is very different from property investing. Now before you think am being naive, I do ofcourse also know that you can start in Property Investing with ZERO money if you know what your doing and with the right guidance and knowledge, but personally (and remember everybody is different) I like the idea of rather than scrapping together every last single dollar or pound I have together for one big deal,…

…Why not concentrate that effort into making money online where when you reach a certain level, whether that be £1000, £5000, £20,000 or even £50,000-£100,000+ in monthly income – then pour that all into property investing(obviously after paying your costs, taxes etc! 😉 )

And if you have been following me for anytime or read my previous content on my blog, within my products or services or recommended partnership business opportunities…whatever the figure in monthly income goal may be for you …it is more than possible aslong as your committed to learning and doing the work you need to do for YOUR specific financial goal!

That is why I love making money online, because not only can it give me an amazing lifestyle of not being a slave to a job, but also provide me or you with seed capital to fund your other ambitions, goals or wants. Whether that be driving driving your dream car, fulfilling a personal passion of opening up a beauty salon or restaurant (like some of my students have) or like me become successful in property faster with the additional funds and seed capital you have in the beginning compared to the average property / real estate investor.

I hope you found this short blog post useful, and a lil insight to more about me. I love learning and it’s always a pleasure to learn more about something new or enhance my knowledge in a field I’d like to not only be better at, but become very successful and among the top level income earners.

I know by learning from that event will not only help me in my mission to be a top earner / investor in property, but also gave me some very wise and important knowledge that can help me in my online businesses too. Because sometimes the principles of success regardless what you choose to do remain the same – whether that be making money online, property or offline businesses. and by hanging out, learning and partnering up with people who are successful these same principles will serve you in duplicating their success.

I also won a official signed copy of the Best Selling Book  by *Martin Roberts “Making Money From Property” at the Tigrent Learning property investing event I attended above. I got this for being one of the very few out of the whole event attendees that were able to raise the most amount of money for property investing fastest during just my 30mins lunch break! (and it wasn’t any of my own funds incase your wondering because am successful online!)  🙂 I think only 2 were handed out and I was top…not sure, as I was a minute or so late before the workshop started up again after lunch, either way pretty cool and just goes to show what we can do with the right knowledge, guidance and support.

*Martin Roberts is a very popular and successful Property Investor here in the UK, he also runs a successful popular TV series on the official UK BBC Network channel at the time of writing this article and has been for many years now. You can learn more about him on Google or Wikipedia if your interested

Remember, the fastest way to become successful in anything is by finding and partnering up with people who are achieving what you want and with their help, being mentored to do the same! 🙂

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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Sunset Cruise, Immense Beauty and Time Freedom at home

I don’t normally post fun, travel and lifestyle type videos on my blog. Normally its always on my official facebook page where you can learn more about the fantastic benefits of making money online and having the time freedom to living the internet laptop lifestyle! (see facebook widget on the right of this blog to connect with me now) but this video has a unique message behind it…(read description below video after viewing it)

Below is a personal video of mine made up of a few short mini video clips  I took for personal memory of a recent scotland cruise and sunset cruise I went to. They both were amazing and beautiful days out. I’ve been living in Scotland, UK all my life, and I’ve travelled to different places in the world (still a LOT of travelling to do by the way) but this year, for the first time I actually hadn’t had anything planned as such like a ‘Holiday’ or weekend break to Europe anywhere…

…So I thought what the heck, Scotland is a great place with scenery that attracts tourism all over the world, amazingly even although I’ve been here, I’ve never really travelled within Scotland or checked out what we have got to offer properly) So I decided to dedicate a week to travelling and touring our countries magnificent sites, and 2 of the days out that week consisted of different cruises. (one of which was an evening sunset cruise)

You see there is nothing too fancy or extravagant about this particular video…but the reason I wanted to share it was 1 –  to show what a great and beautiful natural scenery my country of birth Scotland is, and 2 –  this was done, unplanned, spontaneously and randomly, yet it gave me a great fantastic experiences and memories I’ll be sure to add as days to remember.

So what is the big deal about it?…The deal is I was able to do this because I make money online. I am not confined to a job, responsibilities of a traditional business or need to answer to someone or be somewhere at a particular time guaranteed. I can do this because my business is completely mobile and and flexible where I can run it anywhere I can find an internet connection!

I even got all my emails for the day done aswell as write some content to one of my websites whilst waiting for the cruise to depart! 🙂 There is no method in the world of making money that can come close to providing me with that freedom than what the internet can do for me and you. This random ‘week off’ taught me a few one things, but the biggest was it made me realise amazingly how many of the people that I know…within Scotland have never done this spontaneously let alone take a break for it!

Which I find crazy and actually very sad for what the world has come to. It is amazing how much money governs peoples lives, no matter how much they ‘claim’ they don’t need or rather even want it. The very same people that say to me that they don’t care how much money they can make online, because they are not greedy…are the very same people that will miss things like…

  • Their child’s concerts / events (like school plays, recitals, sports days etc)
  • Time to spend on their relationships like partner, family and loved ones
  • Good health as they are always over-worked and stressed in a job or business
Now you tell me if they really don’t care about money? It’s ironic, because from where am sitting, money is governing 90% of their lives, and they let it…but amazingly they will claim they don’t care about money…its nuts.
I even invited some of my friends and business associates to join me, but amazingly even the successful ones couldn’t ‘just take time’ off their businesses due to commitments. I found that nuts and thought – what is the point of making all the money in the first place if you can’t atleast do this!? – but again, this is where my business systems and the internet can work for my on auto-pilot
Anyway enough of my speech! I better end it now before it turns into a long essay, but that week off made me realise that some amazing beauty, relaxing holidays and breaks can be closer to home than we think, but even then its a damn shame when you still can’t take advantage of them or have the freedom to enjoy your life. It is my hope this is never the case for you…

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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Are YOU Looking At The Price of The Shovel When Digging For Gold?

In this article I want to talk about something very important that can be effecting you negatively even when you didn’t realise or had the best of attentions. It is something MILLIONS of people who are looking to succeed at anything totally miss the point on whether your looking to work from home and be your own boss by making money online, run a business offline, or even all the way to getting fit, eating healthier, dieting etc.

Update: Before I explain exactly why and what this is about, let me tell you that I learned more about this concept and invaluable tip on actually a Property / Real Estate investing I recently attended (but the principles remain the same when your looking to make money online) If your interested, you can learn more about the event I attended here – http://waseemmirza.net/waseem-mirza-at-martin-roberts-making-money-from-property-workshop-and-tigrent-seminar-event/

But anyway, so what exactly do I mean by Are YOU Looking At The Price of The Shovel When Digging For Gold? Well its very simple actually, it means too many people will look at the price of something that can actually help them achieve the goal they have set or solve a problem they have.

So for example, in the example of property investing and where I first learned more about this, there are so many people that will try to cut costs by pay for poor services or BAD ADVICE when trying to buy property. For example, they might not hire the best lawyer for good advice and for their own protection, the best mortgage broker to help them get the loan and best deal, or even the right builder to help repair a house…because they all are priced a little more expensive than the cheap other options they have.

So even although they have a great opportunity to make money, or ‘Dig for Gold’ with a proven system and method to make money from like property – they will wreck it for themselves by not willing to get the better help, advice and team around them they need to succeed. And the most sad part of it all in the end is, that they ‘think’ they were saving money, but in the end it worked out more expensive and costly…or in worst case scenarios, the whole deal was a complete waste of time and money!

Have you ever like that when trying to make money online? Because obviously just like Property / Real Estate investing we all know about people that make lots of money from it and rich, as we do with people who make a living online…yet countless people will take SO MUCH LONGER, or GIVE UP or think it doesn’t work because of their own greed in trying to cut corners and save money on silly things that are very important to me and you.

So for example, one of the reasons (out of the many I’ve learned) I’ll discuss here to help explain this better is this… imagine you purchased a house to make money from it, it looked like a ‘good deal’ and you thought it was great, you got a ‘ok’ lawyer / surveyor to look over the deal, and ‘ok’ builder to do some repair work so you can sell it on for more money after improving it. Like buy a house for £50,000, spend £5000 improving it, and then trying to sell it on for much more…like £75,000+ etc.

But because you hired the ‘cheapest’ builder and the ‘cheapest’ lawyer, you in the end find out

1) your repair costs are not £5000, but £10,000 because the builder was not experienced enough to see all the problems before he or she started work, – even although you might have shown him/her before buying the property! Because the cheap or amateur will be cheap for a reason, they are not as good as the person that could have helped you plan your costs more effectively – a more expensive quality builder because they would know exactly the rough cost of the job

2) You find out that you cannot improve a certain part of the property (like converting a garage to a bedroom)…or knocking down a wall to increase the size of a bathroom or kitchen. This is something a good lawyer, surveyor will be able to tell or see right from the beginning, but there are people that will go for the cheap or even ‘free’ laywers/surveyors who will just take a fee after you buy the property

Now can you see why that could quickly turn into a bad thing?….It can take you longer to improve the house, cost you more time/stress with problems that show up you think you won’t have and even lose you more money paying back loan repayments because its taking longer to repair and sell that property…this is why (out of 100os of many other reasons) not everybody who likes to make money from property does (I know this was a overly generalised example)…but here is the important part for you – countless people to this online too! They keep looking at the cost of the ‘shovel’ when digging for gold / making money online.

Just like when people look to pay for advice, tools and resource or ‘Shovel’ to help them get what they want, like a ‘house’ or ‘gold’ with there shovel, they will become greedy or naive in something that can be VERY important to them and actually help them make good money the fastest way possible. But just because it’s cheap they will buy that ‘inferior’ shovel that won’t even help them dig the ground that will contain the Gold because its not the right material or will take longer, and also get that cheaper advice in lawyers or builders that just the same way delay the amount of money they make in property.

I see this ALL the time when people look to make money online, it is a real shame. Because I know they mean well and are just looking for the cheapest option that seems best, but you have to see that sometimes the cheapest option is NOT always the best thing you can go for.

So for example, if you purchased a course on how to make money on YouTube priced at $47, because its cheap, seems like good value and just because the person says they are an  ‘expert’ many will go and buy it. Now am not saying all these cheap courses suck, some are very good and massive value packed content and training, but for those who don’t succeed they will think ‘oh it doesn’t work’ and give up. This could have been because you weren’t taught everything you need, not given the ‘extra’ tips you need to make money like the big earners do, or simply the reason its cheap because the person selling you it isn’t an expert at all!

But instead imagine you found someone else, who also has another YouTube course at $497, I can bet you one of the many reasons this could be is because he or she knows what they are about to teach you has very high value and will actually make you money online if you follow and do what they teach you!… Does this make sense?...isn’t it a better idea then not to look for the cheapest option – but the option that actually works. Because when you know your going for Gold or Making Money Online, remember the strategy DOES work but its up to you if your going to be cheap when buying your ‘Shovel’

I see countless people fail or take longer to make money online because of this very mistake. Thing about it yourself, if your buying something online for $5 (and ebay is a good example because its filled with these crap offers) do you honestly believe it will actually work? Why is somebody wasting their time and giving their secrets away for SO LITTLE?! Or the business opportunities we keep hearing about with words like…

“Just Launched!!!…..FREE TO JOIN!!!……PRE-LAUNCH Get Started Now!!!!…..We Pay MOST Commissions and Cost The LEAST!!!…Push Button Money You Don’t Have To Do Any Work!!!!” – the headlines go on and on, am sure you have come across at least one of thse or very similar examples / offers.

More often than not, they are just hype designed to get you excited and motivated into spending time or money into something that will never really make you truly rich or a long term income online. There are  countless 1000s like these, and 1000s more will continue to come and go….and as sad as it sounds, millions will be sucked into these false promises or cheap alternatives but in the end make less money or spend more time in order to build a good income for yourself.

So my friend, the bottom line is, you get what you pay for. If your going to pay for the cheapest advice, you will get the cheapest advice, you pay for the cheapest information product where someone tells you they will show you how to make millions for just $47!, then they clearly don’t value what they have to offer you and most likely then, it is exactly that, not great value or ‘good information.

Remember this is not everyone, but its more common than not. So if you find a good opportunity or method that can clearly make you money, don’t be shy in letting the best people coach you how to do it, or the best tools and resources that can help you or recommended. Because that can be the difference between you becoming very successful quickly, or taking far too much longer or even failing for years.

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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You Gotta STOP Thinking This ‘MOST PEOPLE’ Way!

Ok I know the headline in this blog post starts with ‘You’…but don’t worry, this is not talking about you…or is it? I’ll let you decide after reading this article. But this is one of the common feedbacks or hesitations I get from people looking to make money online, try something new or attempt to do something a better way.

…. it’s a little unbelievable to be honest but let’s explain so you can see where am coming from. Am alway surprised when am in conversation with someone about a business model or marketing system that can help them make money online and they say it’s not any good becausemost people who join don’t make any money – I see this statement everywhere, not just conversations I’ve had personally, but also seen it on various  Facebook, YouTube and Blog comments.
First of all I don’t quite get that line of reasoning.  It’s as though they only think that something is ‘worthwhile‘ if MOST of the people become wildly successful. That would be nice … but that’s not how human beings operate.  Here’s why …. and you may be surprised to read this …but ‘Most People’ as some will put it –
  • Most people who get married get divorced
  • Most people who start college drop out – (I was one of them)
  • Most people who go to law school do not become successful lawyers
  • Most people who start medical school do not become successful doctors
  • Most people who try out for the Olympics don’t make selection
  • Most people who try out for X Factor or American Idol never make it to the show
  • Most people who play baseball or football don’t make it to the major leagues
  • Most people who try to become popular and successful on YouTube never do
  • Etc etc ….the list is endless
Does that mean that no one should ever get married? Or go to college? Or have a dream?  Just because “most people” don’t succeed?
Success isn’t about the “odds”.  It’s about CHOOSING to be in the small group of people who are going to do it!
I know what I have to do to earn a six figure income in my businesses and projects –  but I’m pretty sure that am not doing anything than anyone else can’t do. But, the simple fact of the matter is that most people aren’t actually committed to being wildly successful or having great financial success. They’re more interested in being comfortable in their mediocrity.
FACT: Average people are never successful.  That’s why they’re called “average”.
Now, you will find people from AVERAGE BACKGROUNDS who suddenly decide to become very “un-average” by being willing to make decisions and take actions differently from “average people” And that’s the KEY.
Successful people are just people who are willing to make a habit out of doing things that unsuccessful people won’t do. Success isn’t about the “odds”.  It’s about making a DECISION and taking ACTION.
That is why we only have a select few hundred top footballers in the world, whilst millions watch it or play it personally. Or thousands of people that make money online on YouTube whilst the most people of MILLIONS watch it or upload videos that they will never profit from (remember YouTube is just one example out of many systems you can get involved with)

So don’t ever try to wreck an immense opportunity or system for yourself before you even get started. Seek the right help and partner that can help you be amongst the people that DO succeed 🙂


Kindest Regards & To Our Success

P.S. Some people wait for change to find them…Some people  look for change….Others make change happen in their life. Which are you?

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The TRUTH Behind REAL Pyramid Scheme SCAMS!

Now I know before I even begin writing this article it will create a lot of controversy, disagreements and food for thought amongst my subscribers and fellow readers in the industry. Everybody is talking about these so called ‘get rich quick scams’…which somehow often are always associated with a pyramid selling and referring other people. Am sure you have heard or ‘come across’ them before…even been burned by one or lost money.

The problem with this kinda thinking is, that the bad companies and schemes out there have given the good genuine methods such a bad name that even if your selling, recommending or talking about a genuine product or service which involves selling to other people, it is a pyramid scheme and therefore a ‘scam’ – which unfortunately is not only naive but I have a big wake up call for the idiots that think like this. (This does not mean am talking about you, am talking about anyone who without being informed makes a stupid decision in life or business) which holds them back from making money.

First of all, your absolutely right in trying to stay clear of such pyramid schemes, as unfortunately there are many out there that are indeed nothing but just a pyramid scheme with packaged bullshit which is of no real value or in-demand product that consumers are ACTUALLY looking to buy, use or need. I’ve come across many, and even the so called ‘legitimate’ ones can be dangerously near collapse (as many have fallen as they get found out in the end or naturally die as there is no obvious usage of a good product/service)

But you should also look on the flip side and realise that there is in fact genuine ones out there. And whether you like it or not, your already in one type of form or another pyramid style scheme already (I’ll explain more why later) But what is important what you understand right now that there are millions of people out there that are missing out on some sounds business investments and opportunities because they think it as involves referring other people, it must be a scam?

I see countless people that refuse to get involved in exciting business opportunities that they can really do well in as its within an industry they are familiar with, or enjoy being involved in – but just because the business model involves recruiting  other people, all of a sudden its just branded as ‘one of them pyramid schemes’ and before they ever try, flush their chance to make money down the toilet

Well I’ve got news for you, society has pyramid schemes working around us all the time. Nobody talks about it out lut because this is something that is accepted now. It’s the ‘norm’. And BILLIONS of people around the world will join this pyramid scheme, because everybody else is, look at this as a good example –

Billions of people around the world will work like slaves for someone else in order to get a pay cheque, whilst making someone else rich. Now isn’t that above diagram a clear pyramid scheme? It certainly is if I ever saw one, and one of the many reasons I decided to become my own ‘Boss’ at the top by leveraging the benefits the internet gives me AND YOU. Now before I continue, I totally appreciate some people are stuck in a position, not by choice but circumstances…HOWEVER, I know if you have the time to read this article right now, and the resources to go online,  to get educated then you are already at an advantage and can do something about it versus the majority of the worlds population…

…but if you can’t then I wouldn’t be so quick and naive to say that all these ‘Multi-Level-Marketing MLM opportunities or network marketers is just one big pyramid selling feast and nothing more’. Because if you can’t accept them, then you certainly shouldn’t be happy with what your doing right now.

And this applies to everyone, the point is no matter how successful you are or not, your still inside a big pyramid.Yes! as shocking as it sounds I mean that, but before you get angry at me, let me explain it a little further…you see the reason I can say this confidently is because I seriously doubt some mega millionaire  (or better put billionaire) will have the time to read my blog. As much as I’d like to think so, but who am I kidding? But the men and women generally at the VERY top who make a lot of money are already the ultra elite mega rich and powerful people of the world, people that no matter how successful me and you get, aspire to or dream about being able to be.

Still don’t get what am talking about? Don’t worry am getting there! Here is a example of the top of my head – If your someone who is making $40,000 a month selling items on eBay, regardless how successful you are, the fact of the matter is eBay is the big giant at the top of this pyramid, and even the items you sell, are most likely the next level below and then comes you…in the 3rd, or 4th level.

Its the same if you own a shop. Doesn’t matter how much your making, you can even be a millionaire for all I care, you most likely are somewhere in the overall big ‘pyramid scheme’. You could be selling mobile phones, drinks, clothes, second hand cars, TV’s whatever – that is not important. But the first person to make the money will be Apple, Coca Cola, Samsung…then the distributors, then the wholesalers, then you…many levels below.

It’s the same with me, regardless what I do. All my methods of making money online will involve a pyramid scheme whether I like it or not. if I go out there and be proud of the fact that I made $20,000+ a month on YouTube with my videos, or $10,000+ advertising on Facebook, then the first people that got rich was YouTube and Facebook, then whatever the item developers/content I was marketing (unless it is my own) – but the point is am still making someone else rich.

The more videos I have on YouTube the more they make due the traffic they attract who wish to watch them videos, even if they are buying my item. YouTube will find a way to ultimately make money from them whether it be adverts or whatever, and same with Facebook, when I sell my or other peoples items, business opportunties, programs or services, I pay THEM first, they make money click clockwork regardless what happens to my business or not.

But remember this doesn’t mean that the above examples were scams, pure pyramid selling or get rich quick schemes. 

So the point is, don’t just knock a business opportunity because your thinking the people ‘at the top’ are making all the money or have all the power. If anything a network marketer involved inside a legitimate MLM program or in the Multi-Level-Marketing industry has the best chance to also be one of the ‘top women or men’ in the company because a good MLM opportunity will reward you for your hard work and effort versus a typical ‘job’ MLM where no matter how hard you try, it is up to your boss or next in line to decide if you get ‘promoted’ to the next ‘level’.

Same with a business, it doesn’t matter if you thousands a month of eBay, Facebook, YouTube, Google…or anywhere else for that matter, they ain’t exactly going to let have part of their incomes or guarantee your income. But with a good MLM opportunity with the right product, service or program behind it can pay you over and over again for the work you have done once, or built over time.

I hope this perspective in looking at the network marketing industry has given you a refreshing approach and real reality check of how pyramid schemes work. Am not here to pitch you a business, that was not my goal, my goal was to let you open up to the immense and abundant levels of good business opportunities, money methods out there (obviously be cautious too but don’t knock everything) because it can fast track your success and level of incomes you have quicker than you think.

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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P.P.S Don’t get stuck in the dirtiest pyramid scheme accepted by society today –