Are YOU Looking At The Price of The Shovel When Digging For Gold?

In this article I want to talk about something very important that can be effecting you negatively even when you didn’t realise or had the best of attentions. It is something MILLIONS of people who are looking to succeed at anything totally miss the point on whether your looking to work from home and be your own boss by making money online, run a business offline, or even all the way to getting fit, eating healthier, dieting etc.

Update: Before I explain exactly why and what this is about, let me tell you that I learned more about this concept and invaluable tip on actually a Property / Real Estate investing I recently attended (but the principles remain the same when your looking to make money online) If your interested, you can learn more about the event I attended here –

But anyway, so what exactly do I mean by Are YOU Looking At The Price of The Shovel When Digging For Gold? Well its very simple actually, it means too many people will look at the price of something that can actually help them achieve the goal they have set or solve a problem they have.

So for example, in the example of property investing and where I first learned more about this, there are so many people that will try to cut costs by pay for poor services or BAD ADVICE when trying to buy property. For example, they might not hire the best lawyer for good advice and for their own protection, the best mortgage broker to help them get the loan and best deal, or even the right builder to help repair a house…because they all are priced a little more expensive than the cheap other options they have.

So even although they have a great opportunity to make money, or ‘Dig for Gold’ with a proven system and method to make money from like property – they will wreck it for themselves by not willing to get the better help, advice and team around them they need to succeed. And the most sad part of it all in the end is, that they ‘think’ they were saving money, but in the end it worked out more expensive and costly…or in worst case scenarios, the whole deal was a complete waste of time and money!

Have you ever like that when trying to make money online? Because obviously just like Property / Real Estate investing we all know about people that make lots of money from it and rich, as we do with people who make a living online…yet countless people will take SO MUCH LONGER, or GIVE UP or think it doesn’t work because of their own greed in trying to cut corners and save money on silly things that are very important to me and you.

So for example, one of the reasons (out of the many I’ve learned) I’ll discuss here to help explain this better is this… imagine you purchased a house to make money from it, it looked like a ‘good deal’ and you thought it was great, you got a ‘ok’ lawyer / surveyor to look over the deal, and ‘ok’ builder to do some repair work so you can sell it on for more money after improving it. Like buy a house for £50,000, spend £5000 improving it, and then trying to sell it on for much more…like £75,000+ etc.

But because you hired the ‘cheapest’ builder and the ‘cheapest’ lawyer, you in the end find out

1) your repair costs are not £5000, but £10,000 because the builder was not experienced enough to see all the problems before he or she started work, – even although you might have shown him/her before buying the property! Because the cheap or amateur will be cheap for a reason, they are not as good as the person that could have helped you plan your costs more effectively – a more expensive quality builder because they would know exactly the rough cost of the job

2) You find out that you cannot improve a certain part of the property (like converting a garage to a bedroom)…or knocking down a wall to increase the size of a bathroom or kitchen. This is something a good lawyer, surveyor will be able to tell or see right from the beginning, but there are people that will go for the cheap or even ‘free’ laywers/surveyors who will just take a fee after you buy the property

Now can you see why that could quickly turn into a bad thing?….It can take you longer to improve the house, cost you more time/stress with problems that show up you think you won’t have and even lose you more money paying back loan repayments because its taking longer to repair and sell that property…this is why (out of 100os of many other reasons) not everybody who likes to make money from property does (I know this was a overly generalised example)…but here is the important part for you – countless people to this online too! They keep looking at the cost of the ‘shovel’ when digging for gold / making money online.

Just like when people look to pay for advice, tools and resource or ‘Shovel’ to help them get what they want, like a ‘house’ or ‘gold’ with there shovel, they will become greedy or naive in something that can be VERY important to them and actually help them make good money the fastest way possible. But just because it’s cheap they will buy that ‘inferior’ shovel that won’t even help them dig the ground that will contain the Gold because its not the right material or will take longer, and also get that cheaper advice in lawyers or builders that just the same way delay the amount of money they make in property.

I see this ALL the time when people look to make money online, it is a real shame. Because I know they mean well and are just looking for the cheapest option that seems best, but you have to see that sometimes the cheapest option is NOT always the best thing you can go for.

So for example, if you purchased a course on how to make money on YouTube priced at $47, because its cheap, seems like good value and just because the person says they are an  ‘expert’ many will go and buy it. Now am not saying all these cheap courses suck, some are very good and massive value packed content and training, but for those who don’t succeed they will think ‘oh it doesn’t work’ and give up. This could have been because you weren’t taught everything you need, not given the ‘extra’ tips you need to make money like the big earners do, or simply the reason its cheap because the person selling you it isn’t an expert at all!

But instead imagine you found someone else, who also has another YouTube course at $497, I can bet you one of the many reasons this could be is because he or she knows what they are about to teach you has very high value and will actually make you money online if you follow and do what they teach you!… Does this make sense?...isn’t it a better idea then not to look for the cheapest option – but the option that actually works. Because when you know your going for Gold or Making Money Online, remember the strategy DOES work but its up to you if your going to be cheap when buying your ‘Shovel’

I see countless people fail or take longer to make money online because of this very mistake. Thing about it yourself, if your buying something online for $5 (and ebay is a good example because its filled with these crap offers) do you honestly believe it will actually work? Why is somebody wasting their time and giving their secrets away for SO LITTLE?! Or the business opportunities we keep hearing about with words like…

“Just Launched!!!…..FREE TO JOIN!!!……PRE-LAUNCH Get Started Now!!!!…..We Pay MOST Commissions and Cost The LEAST!!!…Push Button Money You Don’t Have To Do Any Work!!!!” – the headlines go on and on, am sure you have come across at least one of thse or very similar examples / offers.

More often than not, they are just hype designed to get you excited and motivated into spending time or money into something that will never really make you truly rich or a long term income online. There are  countless 1000s like these, and 1000s more will continue to come and go….and as sad as it sounds, millions will be sucked into these false promises or cheap alternatives but in the end make less money or spend more time in order to build a good income for yourself.

So my friend, the bottom line is, you get what you pay for. If your going to pay for the cheapest advice, you will get the cheapest advice, you pay for the cheapest information product where someone tells you they will show you how to make millions for just $47!, then they clearly don’t value what they have to offer you and most likely then, it is exactly that, not great value or ‘good information.

Remember this is not everyone, but its more common than not. So if you find a good opportunity or method that can clearly make you money, don’t be shy in letting the best people coach you how to do it, or the best tools and resources that can help you or recommended. Because that can be the difference between you becoming very successful quickly, or taking far too much longer or even failing for years.

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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