You Gotta STOP Thinking This ‘MOST PEOPLE’ Way!

Ok I know the headline in this blog post starts with ‘You’…but don’t worry, this is not talking about you…or is it? I’ll let you decide after reading this article. But this is one of the common feedbacks or hesitations I get from people looking to make money online, try something new or attempt to do something a better way.

…. it’s a little unbelievable to be honest but let’s explain so you can see where am coming from. Am alway surprised when am in conversation with someone about a business model or marketing system that can help them make money online and they say it’s not any good becausemost people who join don’t make any money – I see this statement everywhere, not just conversations I’ve had personally, but also seen it on various  Facebook, YouTube and Blog comments.
First of all I don’t quite get that line of reasoning.  It’s as though they only think that something is ‘worthwhile‘ if MOST of the people become wildly successful. That would be nice … but that’s not how human beings operate.  Here’s why …. and you may be surprised to read this …but ‘Most People’ as some will put it –
  • Most people who get married get divorced
  • Most people who start college drop out – (I was one of them)
  • Most people who go to law school do not become successful lawyers
  • Most people who start medical school do not become successful doctors
  • Most people who try out for the Olympics don’t make selection
  • Most people who try out for X Factor or American Idol never make it to the show
  • Most people who play baseball or football don’t make it to the major leagues
  • Most people who try to become popular and successful on YouTube never do
  • Etc etc ….the list is endless
Does that mean that no one should ever get married? Or go to college? Or have a dream?  Just because “most people” don’t succeed?
Success isn’t about the “odds”.  It’s about CHOOSING to be in the small group of people who are going to do it!
I know what I have to do to earn a six figure income in my businesses and projects –  but I’m pretty sure that am not doing anything than anyone else can’t do. But, the simple fact of the matter is that most people aren’t actually committed to being wildly successful or having great financial success. They’re more interested in being comfortable in their mediocrity.
FACT: Average people are never successful.  That’s why they’re called “average”.
Now, you will find people from AVERAGE BACKGROUNDS who suddenly decide to become very “un-average” by being willing to make decisions and take actions differently from “average people” And that’s the KEY.
Successful people are just people who are willing to make a habit out of doing things that unsuccessful people won’t do. Success isn’t about the “odds”.  It’s about making a DECISION and taking ACTION.
That is why we only have a select few hundred top footballers in the world, whilst millions watch it or play it personally. Or thousands of people that make money online on YouTube whilst the most people of MILLIONS watch it or upload videos that they will never profit from (remember YouTube is just one example out of many systems you can get involved with)

So don’t ever try to wreck an immense opportunity or system for yourself before you even get started. Seek the right help and partner that can help you be amongst the people that DO succeed 🙂


Kindest Regards & To Our Success

P.S. Some people wait for change to find them…Some people  look for change….Others make change happen in their life. Which are you?

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