Sunset Cruise, Immense Beauty and Time Freedom at home

I don’t normally post fun, travel and lifestyle type videos on my blog. Normally its always on my official facebook page where you can learn more about the fantastic benefits of making money online and having the time freedom to living the internet laptop lifestyle! (see facebook widget on the right of this blog to connect with me now) but this video has a unique message behind it…(read description below video after viewing it)

Below is a personal video of mine made up of a few short mini video clips  I took for personal memory of a recent scotland cruise and sunset cruise I went to. They both were amazing and beautiful days out. I’ve been living in Scotland, UK all my life, and I’ve travelled to different places in the world (still a LOT of travelling to do by the way) but this year, for the first time I actually hadn’t had anything planned as such like a ‘Holiday’ or weekend break to Europe anywhere…

…So I thought what the heck, Scotland is a great place with scenery that attracts tourism all over the world, amazingly even although I’ve been here, I’ve never really travelled within Scotland or checked out what we have got to offer properly) So I decided to dedicate a week to travelling and touring our countries magnificent sites, and 2 of the days out that week consisted of different cruises. (one of which was an evening sunset cruise)

You see there is nothing too fancy or extravagant about this particular video…but the reason I wanted to share it was 1 –  to show what a great and beautiful natural scenery my country of birth Scotland is, and 2 –  this was done, unplanned, spontaneously and randomly, yet it gave me a great fantastic experiences and memories I’ll be sure to add as days to remember.

So what is the big deal about it?…The deal is I was able to do this because I make money online. I am not confined to a job, responsibilities of a traditional business or need to answer to someone or be somewhere at a particular time guaranteed. I can do this because my business is completely mobile and and flexible where I can run it anywhere I can find an internet connection!

I even got all my emails for the day done aswell as write some content to one of my websites whilst waiting for the cruise to depart! 🙂 There is no method in the world of making money that can come close to providing me with that freedom than what the internet can do for me and you. This random ‘week off’ taught me a few one things, but the biggest was it made me realise amazingly how many of the people that I know…within Scotland have never done this spontaneously let alone take a break for it!

Which I find crazy and actually very sad for what the world has come to. It is amazing how much money governs peoples lives, no matter how much they ‘claim’ they don’t need or rather even want it. The very same people that say to me that they don’t care how much money they can make online, because they are not greedy…are the very same people that will miss things like…

  • Their child’s concerts / events (like school plays, recitals, sports days etc)
  • Time to spend on their relationships like partner, family and loved ones
  • Good health as they are always over-worked and stressed in a job or business
Now you tell me if they really don’t care about money? It’s ironic, because from where am sitting, money is governing 90% of their lives, and they let it…but amazingly they will claim they don’t care about money…its nuts.
I even invited some of my friends and business associates to join me, but amazingly even the successful ones couldn’t ‘just take time’ off their businesses due to commitments. I found that nuts and thought – what is the point of making all the money in the first place if you can’t atleast do this!? – but again, this is where my business systems and the internet can work for my on auto-pilot
Anyway enough of my speech! I better end it now before it turns into a long essay, but that week off made me realise that some amazing beauty, relaxing holidays and breaks can be closer to home than we think, but even then its a damn shame when you still can’t take advantage of them or have the freedom to enjoy your life. It is my hope this is never the case for you…

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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