The Problem with being a SMART ASS!

I’m going to cover something very serious that can be of highest importance to your success in making money online. You might find this surprising, but the more smarter you are, the bigger problem you will have in making money online! Before you think am totally crazy and losing it, let me explain…

You see the internet is revolutionising  the way everybody does business. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, even if you have no interest in the internet, and work offline or have a business offline, the truth is more and more businesses and people are having to adapt and come online not by choice, but being forced to or simply put, if you get left behind, you go out of business. But before I go off on a completely different topic, let me get back to the point of why there is a big problem with being a ‘smart ass!’

Because the world wide web is growing at such an phenomenal pace, from the way we watch tv, read our newspapers/books/magazines…all the way to the way we shop – more and more opportunity to make money on the internet is being made everyday faster than ever before. It is even mind boggling for me.

The good news is, this means more opportunity for me and you and ways to make money, the bad news iswe are getting overwhelmed and hit with too many ways to make money online that we can learn about or try. Now I know what you might be thinking, isn’t this a good thing?...well no! It isn’t…and I know the reason you read my content is to fast track your success online by taking the best parts of my experience and knowledge without going through the mistakes I made when I started. So read the following carefully as to my reason why

The problem we face is although it’s very exciting discovering and learning about all the different ‘colours of the rainbow’ of the methods we have available to make money online. We are having the massive difficulty and problem of being able to just do ONE of them well! How the hell can you expect to make money online from everything? It’s not possible

Yet I see people who learn about everything there is to know about different opportunities to make money online with. But they hardly ever make any decent or good long term money from just one. They keep jumping from business to business, seminar to seminar, program to program, ebooks to ebooks, and various video courses to others. I know its tempting, I find myself so tempted even now to learn about all the exciting new ways I keep hearing about to make money online. But you don’t want to end up as…


So what is the ‘Jack of All Trades’ if you haven’t heard that expression already. Well if you check the popular website online wikipedia, it states – “Jack of all trades, master of none” is a figure of speech used in reference to a person that is competent with many skills but is not necessarily outstanding in any particular one 

And that is a massive problem people are having when trying to make money online. It first seemed like a massive benefit having all these exciting ways to make money online…with new ones coming out almost everyday – but in reality it is like a curse. A curse that can cripple your success online.

You may have already fell victim to this without realising. I’m sure your a smart person, you wouldn’t be spending time on increasing your education on how to make money online otherwise, I know you mean well and want the best…I know this because when I started to learn about making money online, but struggled was because of this same disguised curse.

But it will keep holding us back. If you already have been trying 100s of ways to make money online, but keep finding yourself to looking at the next person, method or business opportunity to make money online, then the sad truth is it will keep going on and on. Don’t worry if you think I don’t understand, because I do – I had the same problem! I always wondered why the heck am I finding it difficult to make money online while others do it so effortlessly.

But the simple secret to making money online is and has always been, that whatever way you choose to make money, you want to become a total master at it. That is the difference between the people you see making good money online versus the people that make small amounts or no money online. We all deep down know that making money online regardless the method, if we try it – it works. Otherwise we wouldn’t be stupid enough to waste time or money on it

But the reason why we can’t find the answer of why we keep struggling is not because the answer is hidden, the answer is clear and simple that we just miss it. If your serious about making money online you want to become a true master of what you have chosen to do.

For example, if you want to make money on eBay, don’t just find a good product to sell that has a good profit margin, learn everything there is to know about what it takes to run a successful ebay business, from learning how to present your auctions properly, all the way to dealing with customers to get the best feedback and reputation for future success.

Or another example if you want to make money by putting up videos on YouTube, don’t just learn about a good market / YouTube audience you can sell a high converting product or service too (whether it be your own or someone elses as an affiliate) …learn everything you need to know about YouTube…like how to rank your videos, how to get your channel popular, how to reach more people etc

These are just a tiny few examples from the millions I could mention from the different ways we can make money from online. The key is focus and concentrating on doing one thing well. The key to becoming a master is concentrating on just that one way you have chosen to make money from and doing it well…and IGNORING the less and not letting yourself get distracted.

For example if your making $200 a month on YouTube, don’t just think ‘ah this sucks, I’ll try something else’ – learn and do more things about YouTube that can take that $200 to $2000, or even $20,000 a month! The same applies to eBay or anything else for that matter. There are THOUSANDS of ways and business opportunities to make money online, and if you want to be a big earner in your chosen field then become a true master. Jumping to the next opportunity, business, product or service no matter how good it sounds WILL NOT get you rich, it will only get the person who has chosen to MASTER it rich…and if you look at them, they are not concentrating on anything else but that, or some selected similare projects only the can focus on and do well linking them up. That is why we get attracted to them, like them, and want to try their product, business or service rather than what may not be working as well for yourself. But remember these guys are focused, that is why they are successful.

It was this that enabled me to fast track my success online. It was when I started focusing on some selected good, profitable and exciting money making methods that I felt are very good value and best investment for my time and money – I started making money…some of them I recommend and you can partner with me in. But main point is that you realise what I’ve talked about.

By the way, even although am making good money online its very exciting and hard for me not wanting to make even more money or learn about new ways to make money online…who wouldn’t. Here are just some of the industries I’ve learned about or looked into, but not pursued for reasons you should know by now if you have read this article. I know, have heard of or learned from people that are –

  • Making $40,000+ selling Mobile / Tablet device apps
  • Making $50,000+ selling on eBay
  • Making $15,000+ selling and publishing electronic ebooks, magazines and articles for eReaders
  • Making $50,000+ a month selling software
  • and much more..the list goes on and on

Now I’ll be honest, some of these industries I have got involved in, but I’ll be honest…my income is nowhere near what the true ‘Masters’ are doing above. The reason is simple, because they have chosen to become masters of it, whereas right now, am happy being a master in my own style of making money that is doing very well for myself…because I too am a master in my chosen fields. And ofcourse when the time is right for me to expand my online business, empire and education I will do this…but at the right time.

I hope you too get to master your own method of making money, whether it be with myself or elsewhere, I sincerely hope you get the importance of this message and last but not least, take comfort from the fact that you don’t have to be a smart ass to make money online 😉

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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