Waseem Mirza at Martin Roberts Making Money From Property Workshop and Tigrent Seminar Event

Hey I thought I’d do something different on my blog and give you an update of what I’ve been up to personally and more about my life and vision for making money online. Whether if your currently a business partner of mine and making money online with me, a friend, or just started to follow me or been reading my content for a while, you may or may not know – I have another passion which is investing in Real Estate, or property as us peeps in the UK SIMPLY put it!…

So I recently to support my goal in property investing (like I strive to continue to also do for my knowledge about making money online and marketing), I also attended a 3 day event seminar / workshop where we learned more about creative and successful ways to make money from property.  The event was ran by ‘Tigrent Learning ‘ – which if your in the UK  or abroad,  you may already have heard about them as they are one of the very few that run Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Events / Workshops too regarding Real Estate and more.

Anyway here is a pic  of me with Martin Roberts  whom was one of the few very successful property investors I was learning from on the day. (You can google his name “Martin Roberts Make Money From Property / Auctions)

It was a lot of fun, informative and helpful to learn from mentors like Martin Roberts and others that are clearly successful in a field where I too aim to prosper in one day like with my success online.  That is obviously where a mentor like I’ve always raved on about with my internet business teachings, can fast track your success, because they teach you exactly what, how and where to do what your looking to achieve rather than wasting time on strategies that don’t work. (same principles apply to making money online)

Anyway the reason am sharing this with you is to tell you a lil more about me and my ambition in growing and becoming more successful in property / real estate investing.

so to start with,  one of the reasons I love making money online is because it can be the fastest, easiest and least stressful ways to make A LOT OF money FAST! -VERY FAST! (where you can have a project created in one day and be making money by the evening) Which is very different from property investing. Now before you think am being naive, I do ofcourse also know that you can start in Property Investing with ZERO money if you know what your doing and with the right guidance and knowledge, but personally (and remember everybody is different) I like the idea of rather than scrapping together every last single dollar or pound I have together for one big deal,…

…Why not concentrate that effort into making money online where when you reach a certain level, whether that be £1000, £5000, £20,000 or even £50,000-£100,000+ in monthly income – then pour that all into property investing(obviously after paying your costs, taxes etc! 😉 )

And if you have been following me for anytime or read my previous content on my blog, within my products or services or recommended partnership business opportunities…whatever the figure in monthly income goal may be for you …it is more than possible aslong as your committed to learning and doing the work you need to do for YOUR specific financial goal!

That is why I love making money online, because not only can it give me an amazing lifestyle of not being a slave to a job, but also provide me or you with seed capital to fund your other ambitions, goals or wants. Whether that be driving driving your dream car, fulfilling a personal passion of opening up a beauty salon or restaurant (like some of my students have) or like me become successful in property faster with the additional funds and seed capital you have in the beginning compared to the average property / real estate investor.

I hope you found this short blog post useful, and a lil insight to more about me. I love learning and it’s always a pleasure to learn more about something new or enhance my knowledge in a field I’d like to not only be better at, but become very successful and among the top level income earners.

I know by learning from that event will not only help me in my mission to be a top earner / investor in property, but also gave me some very wise and important knowledge that can help me in my online businesses too. Because sometimes the principles of success regardless what you choose to do remain the same – whether that be making money online, property or offline businesses. and by hanging out, learning and partnering up with people who are successful these same principles will serve you in duplicating their success.

I also won a official signed copy of the Best Selling Book  by *Martin Roberts “Making Money From Property” at the Tigrent Learning property investing event I attended above. I got this for being one of the very few out of the whole event attendees that were able to raise the most amount of money for property investing fastest during just my 30mins lunch break! (and it wasn’t any of my own funds incase your wondering because am successful online!)  🙂 I think only 2 were handed out and I was top…not sure, as I was a minute or so late before the workshop started up again after lunch, either way pretty cool and just goes to show what we can do with the right knowledge, guidance and support.

*Martin Roberts is a very popular and successful Property Investor here in the UK, he also runs a successful popular TV series on the official UK BBC Network channel at the time of writing this article and has been for many years now. You can learn more about him on Google or Wikipedia if your interested

Remember, the fastest way to become successful in anything is by finding and partnering up with people who are achieving what you want and with their help, being mentored to do the same! 🙂

Kindest Regards & To Our Success

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